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Now & Again: Disappearances

Issue 1

Self-published magazine

Founder, Editor

December 2018

Now & Again is a sketchbook of sorts, developing a simple theme through a mix of individual projects, and showcasing a variety of interpretations and studies to reflect our diverse personal perspectives.


As a platform for new ideas and experiments, Now & Again also invites guest contributors to participate and collaborate with other creators who are keen to have their ideas heard and realised.


In this issue of Now & Again, we explore the theme of ‘Disappearances’ – people who have left, memories that have started to fade, or our own evolving sense of self. Contributors across various artistic disciplines assess the inherent fleeting nature of everyday occurrences.

ISSN: 2630 - 5186





Where to get it:



- Allscript online

- Kinokuniya outlets

- BooksActually

- Basheer Graphic Books

- Kapok



- magCulture


New York

- Import News


Zhejiang, China

- 一爿旧店 One Half In


- Newsstand



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