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Chen Yi An

Designer and Editor

Hello 👋

I'm a multi-disciplinary designer and editor, driven to create novel experiences across a range of different mediums and platforms.


Having a tendency to grow fond of the spaces that I inhabit, my projects stem from a personal fascination with the subtleties in everyday occurrences. I like to look at the factors that contribute to an individual’s involvement in an environment and I'm always speculating about the ways that one can move and change these elements for new encounters in mundane scenarios.


I also gravitate towards experimenting with materials, repurposing potentially discarded items to be used for alternative functions.



Latest Work

Founder and Editor of 

Now & Again Magazine​

October 2023 ~ Present

Junior Designer

Duna Films

London & Bristol

[Upcoming in Dec 2024]

Now & Again Parlour

September 2021 ~ October 2023

Creative Production Assistant

Duna Films

London & Bristol

February 2021 ~ March 2021

Digital Content Designer

Mappin Technologies


June 2020 ~ March 2021

Book Designer

Conjuring Mountains by Gawain Pek, Lim Joel, Nathaniel Soon, Nicholas Goh & Wang Chiew Hui

National University of Singapore

Mountaineering Club


January 2020 ~ May 2020

Curatorial Intern

The Private Museum


June 2019 ~ August 2019

Editorial Intern

T: The New York Times Style Singapore

ELLE Singapore

Atlas Press


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