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Celestial Visions

As part of my BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts course 

at London College of Communication

For the Science Museum Lates: Ancient Greeks

30th March 2022


Mixed media installation

244cm x 190cm x 50cm

October 2021 ~ March 2022

Group work with Marta Ilacqua, Catriona Poon & Gabriela Solomacha


Discover which constellations are visible from London tonight. Connect the stars to draw your own patterns on the night sky map and get lost in the cosmos. What will you see?


In conjunction with the exhibition ‘Ancient Greeks: Science and Wisdom’ at the Science Museum in London, we pitched and created an interactive installation for their monthly Lates event in March 2022.


Inspired by the celestial globe, we built a light-box structure that illuminated a map of the northern sky, with illustrations of the Ancient Greek constellations visible that night. Visitors were invited to connect the stars and create their own celestial forms — what they would like to see in the cosmos.

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