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As part of my BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts course

at London College of Communication


Braided plastic table covers, black PVC tape

109 x 345cm

February ~ March 2021

For this brief, we were tasked to select a word or an alphabet and build it at a large scale. 

The flat that I'm renting in London is situated within an estate that is incredibly difficult to navigate and people always get lost here. I was intrigued by what I could do with the labyrinthine staircases around the estate, and chose the word 'Maze'.

For the type itself, I adjusted the letters of 'MAZE' in reference to the roads in my estate, according to the journey from one end to another.

For the material, I got some shower curtains and plastic table covers, cut them into strips and braided them into ropes.

For the final outcome, I decided to take a more subtle approach by creating the outline of the type I've designed. With horizontal strokes along the vertical railings, the word 'MAZE' is almost unnoticeable upon first glance. The viewer would have to connect the lines and visualise the form so as to make out what the word is, similar to the thought process that comes with navigating a maze.

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