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Now & Again: Exquisite Corpse

Issue 3

Self-published magazine

Founder, Co-editor with Cally Tan

December 2020

Now & Again is a celebration of new ideas — the sudden outburst of inspiration that comes from the least likely of places. It’s a platform for collaboration, creative discussion, and pushing the boundaries of what we know. 


Using Now & Again as a sort of sketchbook, each edition reflects on the many ways of interpreting a simple theme through a mix of individual projects and collaborations, reflecting our diverse personal perspectives.


This edition of Now & Again adopts the approach of the Exquisite Corpse, a collaborative art exercise in which drawings are assembled in sequence to form a complete composition. Each piece in the issue was created in response to the work before it, thus exploring how ideas flow through individual creative processes, and documenting how a single point of inspiration can lead to many other perspectives.


ISSN: 2630 - 5186




Chosen as part of

The Museum of Avant-garde's Contemporary Collection



Where to get it:



- Allscript online

- Kinokuniya outlets

- MPH @ SingPost

- Basheer Graphic Books

- Thambi​ @ Holland Village



- magCulture


New York

- Import News

- Public Records


Zhejiang, China

- 一爿旧店 One Half In


- Newsstand



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