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IBDP Higher Level Visual Arts Exhibition Setup



As part of our final assessment, we had to curate our IBDP HL Visual Arts works in an exhibition setting. 


My objective with each individual work is to bring an alternative perspective to the unique features of water. Thus, I arranged them linearly, positioned as respective stages that prompt for closer observation. The arrangement of the works is meant to parallel with my process of observing and discerning these inherent aspects as the viewer moves from work to work. The setup prompts the viewer to move from the position of a bystander to a participant of experiencing water’s complexities, moving from two­-dimensional pieces to interactive works, from darker colours to scintillated light projections.


The setup is ultimately aimed for the viewer to be able to understand the works as individual pieces that draw focus to implicit qualities of water, but also as a collective where the viewer would examine their own relationship with the substance.

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